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Seeyond offers innovative investment solutions that aim to capitalize on the complementarity of our strategies.

Particularly the Multi-Asset Global Macro and Minimum Volatility strategies are very complementary over the long term which allows for an optimized risk/return ratio. They have been combined within the same fund to satisfy a client's specific needs.

For more details on our customization capabilities and tailor-made solutions please refer to the Contact page.


Complementary investments

Combining the Multi-Asset Global Macro, Minimum Volatility and Volatility Risk Premium strategies has been tested and delivers attractive return/risk profiles.

Transparent and nimble

Seeyond’s setup and size favor a collaborative environment.

Similar philosophies

The quantitative component is the common denominator in Seeyond's strategies. It facilitates of new solutions.

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Globe Seeyond

Investment strategy

The Multi-Asset Multi-Strategy aims to build a robust and flexible portfolio with exposure to equity, sovereign bond and international currency markets, within the framework of disciplined risk management. The portfolio results from a combination of the Multi-Asset Global Macro and Minimum Volatility strategies.



The objective is to generate a robust return over the long term within a predefined risk budget over the recommended minimum investment period. Exposures by asset class are adjusted according to the risk/return objective.

Globe Seeyond

Investment Universe

The investment universe includes:

  • Developed and emerging equities
  • Sovereign bonds
  • Currencies
  • Diversification through listed and liquid global

Main risks: capital loss, debt securities, interest rates, equity securities, leverage, exchange rates, commodities, financial derivatives and emerging markets.

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Deputy Chief Investment Officer

  • Deputy CIO at Seeyond since January 2018
  • Head of Flexible beta and Volatility - Natixis Asset Management (2012)
  • Head of Flexible allocation and absolute return - Natixis Asset Management (2007)
  • Head of Fixed income quantitative analysis – Natixis Asset Management (1999)
  • Bond and balanced management portfolio manager – Banque de Gestion Privée (1995)
  • Financial engineer – Banque Nationale de Paris (1993)

Stéphanie BIGOU

Portfolio Manager

  • Stephanie Bigou began her career in 1998 at Bnp Paribas AM as a Quantitative Analyst. In 2008, she became a Global Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Natixis AM. Since 2012, Stephanie is a Portfolio Manager in Seeyond’s Multi-Asset Investment team.


Portfolio Manager

  • Didier Jauneaux began his career in 1983 as Financial Engineer at Banques Populaires, then, he became Portfolio Manager, in 1995. Since 2008, Didier Jauneaux is a Senior Portfolio Manager within Seeyond’s Multi-Asset Investment team.

Stéphanie NOEL

Portfolio Manager - Implementation

  • Stéphanie Noël began her career in 2002 at Axa IM as a Middle Office Manager. In 2012, she became a Portfolio Manager at Natixis AM. Since 2018, Stephanie Noël is a Portfolio Manager in Seeyond’s implementation team.

Sébastien GUERIN

Portfolio Manager - Implementation

  • Sébastien Guerin began his career in 1989 as an Equity Trader, then Portfolio Manager, in 2002. He entered Seeyond research team in 2014 as a Global Analyst.Since 2018, Sébastien is a Portfolio Manager within Seeyond Implementation team.

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