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Multi-asset class investment solutions are common, yet very diverse: traditional “static” asset allocation, , strategic allocation to market benchmarks, flexible allocation between Equity and Risk-off instruments, etc. These asset allocations come with constraints that may imply structural exposures, which in turn reduce the portfolio manager’s ability to adjust exposure and manage short-term risks.

At Seeyond, we believe that building a robust long term performance requires an ability to take decisions based on a variety of decision-making tools, whilst remaining adaptable to the market environment, and conducting disciplined risk analysis.

Based on this philosophy, Seeyond proposes a strategy, that:

  • Invests in all major asset classes around the globe
  • Uses the full bandwidth of exposures to meet a required risk/return profile objective
  • Benefits from a rigorous decision-making process combining discretionary analysis with our proprietary analytical framework

A robust long-term return objective that manages short-term opportunities and risks, but aims to take advantage of long-term market trends.




We review and test our convictions on a regular basis to account for the unstable economic and financial environment.



Implemented through liquid and transparent products (listed derivatives, government bonds and exchange-traded funds or ).

Innovative combination of quantitative and discretionary management

Quantitative and qualitative views are complementary. The former focus on the analysis of the recurrent and cyclical components of markets; the latter on the specific and exogenous components of markets.

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Investment strategy

The Multi-Asset Global Macro strategy aims to build a robust and flexible portfolio with exposure to equities, sovereign bonds, and international currencies, within a disciplined risk management framework. The portfolio stems from in-depth analysis of global macro and corporate fundamentals, the risk environment and market trends—all through a lens that is both and discretionary.



The objective is to generate a robust return over the long term within a predefined risk budget over the recommended minimum investment period. Exposures by asset class are adjusted according to the risk/return objective.

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Investment Universe

The investment universe includes:

  • Developed and emerging equities
  • Sovereign bonds
  • Currencies
  • Diversification through listed and liquid global 

Main risks: capital loss, debt securities, interest rates, equity securities, leverage, exchange rates, commodities, financial derivatives and emerging markets.

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Deputy Chief Investment Officer

  • Deputy CIO at Seeyond since January 2018
  • Head of Flexible beta and Volatility - Natixis Asset Management (2012)
  • Head of Flexible allocation and absolute return - Natixis Asset Management (2007)
  • Head of Fixed income quantitative analysis – Natixis Asset Management (1999)
  • Bond and balanced management portfolio manager – Banque de Gestion Privée (1995)
  • Financial engineer – Banque Nationale de Paris (1993)

Stéphanie BIGOU

Portfolio Manager

  • Stephanie Bigou began her career in 1998 at Bnp Paribas AM as a Quantitative Analyst. In 2008, she became a Global Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Natixis AM. Since 2012, Stephanie is a Portfolio Manager in Seeyond’s Multi-Asset Investment team.


Portfolio Manager

  • Didier Jauneaux began his career in 1983 as Financial Engineer at Banques Populaires, then, he became Portfolio Manager, in 1995. Since 2008, Didier Jauneaux is a Senior Portfolio Manager within Seeyond’s Multi-Asset Investment team.


Financial Engineer

  • Stéphane Alloiteau started his career in 2006 at Société Générale CIB as a Junior Trader. In 2013, he was Portfolio Manager and Strategist at Rcube Asset Management. Since 2016, he is Financial Engineer within Seeyond’s Quantitative Research team.

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