Europe MinVol strategy: 10 years already!

November 3rd, 2020  Products  
Weekly report

Seeyond’s Europe MinVol strategy
celebrates 10 years!

Greek debt crisis, market sell off following the Chinese devaluation, Brexit, strong market rally phases, Covid-19 crisis…The last 10 years have been rich in terms of experience in more and more impredectible markets. They also conforted our investment philosophy: 

Equity markets need to be considered from a different angle:
the risk angle!

Main risks of the strategy: capital loss, equity securities, small and mid capitalization companies, exchange rates, geographic and portfolio concentration. 


10 years of MinVol, it is also a decade of…



Seeyond Europe MinVol strategy’s objective remains the same: to help you go more serenely through difficult market configurations while aiming at building a robust performance over the long term. 


With over one billion euros of assets under management, Seeyond's Europe MinVol stratgy was chosen by our clients, whether institutionnal or individual ones, as a differentiating component in their allocation. ​

...Human adventure

Seeyond Europe MinVol was created in 2010 by Nicolas Just, CFA, Seeyond’s Deputy CEO and CIO, and Juan Sebastian Caicedo, CFA, Portfolio Manager. 

Nicolas and Juan Sebastian have been co-managing Seeyond Europe MinVol’s flagslihp since inception in 2010 and currently manage the full MinVol strategy product range, i.e. around  3 billion euros under management.

 Source: Seeyond, as of end of September 2020


Nicolas Just, CFA

Nicolas Just

Deputy CEO
Co-created and co-manages
Seeyond’s Europe MinVol Strategy

Juan Sebastian Caicedo, CFA


Equity Portfolio Manager
Co-created and co-manages 
​Seeyond’s Europe MinVol Strategy


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