Our eye on a chart - Room for increase in US interest rates  

Published on September , 22nd 2021Market and research

Stéphanie BIGOU

Portfolio Manager

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Written on 17th September 2021 by Seeyond

Let’s look at the facts:

  • The recently published numbers in industry, services or private consumption point to improving US fundamentals. This momentum is expected to continue over the coming quarters in the wake of enhancing labor market, declining savings rate and increasing post-stimulus investments.
  • Long-term rates are highly correlated to US activity, but recent data shows a gap. 

What do we think?:

We believe the 6M growth rate of US long-term interest rates should come back to 0.75%, leading to 10-year interest around 2.5%

  • The US bond market has experienced a series of headwinds lately. This includes negative macroeconomic surprises, positive inflows, low amount of issuance and negative risk appetite.
  • Trend analysis of each of these factors indicate that they should reverse and interest rates should quickly re-correlate with fundamentals.
  • Even of increasing long-term rates could increase Equity volatility, we do not believe in a sharp downturn in equity markets. The Fed should taper with patience to allow for “good” inflation building up and keep interest rates lowish for some time.
  • In that scenario, productivity gains generated by investments offset the higher corporate wages.


Source: Bloomberg, Seeyond – Data from December 2007 to September 2021 – 6M change data –  Monthly

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