Seeyond strengthens its sector-specific exclusions

Published on February 14, 2022
Message from Emmanuel Bourdeix

Seeyond has chosen to reinforce its sector-specific exclusions policy. The company is aware that materiality issues might derive from its investment activities and has therefore decided to reinforce the themes around which its exclusion policy is built:

  • Controversial weapons
  • Controversial sectors due to their human and environmental impacts
  • Fundamental principles and controversies 

Since 31st December 2021 :

  • Seeyond excludes tobacco producers because of the impacts on public health.
  • Seeyond is aware of the climatic urgency and challenges of the energy transition and has decided to strengthen its exclusion policy related to fossil fuels. In addition to its policy on coal, Seeyond now excludes issuers who have more than 10% of their activity coming from non-conventional fossil fuel, more specifically those whose activity comes from:
    • exploration and/or production of shale energy (gas and/or oil) (by more than 10% of their revenue)
    • oil sands extraction (by more than 10% of their total average oil production)
    • oil and gas exploration in offshore Arctic regions (by more than 10% of their revenue)

From now on, these additional exclusions are fully part of the company’s exclusion policies on every eligible portfolio[1]. Seeyond indeed refuses to support sectors or issuers fail to respect fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility. This is central to the credibility of its responsible approach and fiduciary duty to its clients. In addition to regulatory exclusions that apply to all portfolios, whatever the asset class, Seeyond applies the following exclusions to equities:

[1] excluding index-linked portfolios which are constrained by their benchmark indices and client dedicated equity portfolios to which the client’s policy might apply.


For more information about Responsible Investment at Seeyond: see more.