Fiduciary duty towards our clients

Seeyond, as investment managers, considers that it is their fiduciary duty towards our clients to implement a RI policy in its investment processes. The company finds it important to practice its asset management activities with respects to the most important fundamental principles established by the main international normative reference standards, notably those set by the United Nations Initiative for Responsible Investment (UN PRI or PRI), and adopt long term investment approach for our clients’ benefit.

Responsible Investment integrated in our risk focused approach

Seeyond offers active strategies which aim to optimally remunerate risk. To reach this objective, Seeyond looks to apprehend risk
broadly. Consistently and further than taking into account the only financial risks, Seeyond also apprehends extra-financial risks in order to assess all potential risks that might weight on a portfolio’s risk-return profile. This conception of responsible investment is consistent with our risk focused investment approach and our strategies’ long-term objectives. It is also part of the continuous improvement of the company’s practices and is consistent with its commitment as a responsible investor.  

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ESG seeyond



of total assets managed
with ESG integration
EUR 3,1 bn

having received the French
SRI Label*

source : Seeyond, as of  31/07/2022.  
*The French SRI Label was created in 2016 by the French Economy and Finance Ministry, with the aim of enabling individuals as well as professional investors to identify investment funds with a robust socially responsible investment (SRI) methodology, resulting in measurable and concrete results. For more information: www.lelabelisr.fr